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  • Feasibility of a CHP driven industrial park based on exergy analysis

    Industrial zones are manufacturing plants clustered in a given part of a city. Such clustering is primarily dictated by zoning regulations that tend to isolate residential, business, and industrial neighbourhoods. A number of properly matched manufacturing plants can be clustered within a given proximity with a primary objective of optimising their energy use. As secondary goals the cluster may ...


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  • Ultra Clean petroleum Technology

    Ultra Clean petroleum Technology

    The XRefinery platform produces ultra-clean petroleum (CleanPetroleum) and electricity from renewable biomass (wood waste, agricultural waste, and sustainable energy crops) and other non-biogenic feedstocks (municipal solid waste, plastics, tires, coal, and more). The XRefinery™ produces ZERO stack emissions, and no waste byproducts. The electricity produced provides 100% of the plant ...