- Steam Assisted Flares



Steam assisted flares are flares designed to dispose of heavier hydrocarbon gases which have a tendency to smoke. In order to prevent smoke formation, steam is injected into the waste stream using peripheral steam rings, center stream spargers and/or inner induction tubes. Steam flares are used in applications where high pressure steam is available on site. Steam flares are typically found in downstream applications where high efficiency combustion of heavy hydrocarbons is required.

The injection of steam has two principal effects:

  • High-pressure steam flow causes turbulence in the waste stream which improves mixing and therefore improves combustion efficiency.
  • Additional air is induced into the waste gas providing the oxygen necessary for augmented smokeless capacity.

Steam flares are typically used in applications where the customer has high-pressure steam available on site.

  • Low maintenance costs
  • High smokeless capacity due to steam injection
  • Stable, reliable combustion due to flame retention ring
  • High smokeless flow rate
  • Longer tip life due to steam cooling effect


  • External steam injection stabilizes the flame and entrains air, ensuring efficient combustion


  • Internal induction tubes with venturi inlets for improved air inspiration
  • Higher smokeless capacity
  • Reduced noise at a given capacity

  • Petrochemical processing
  • Petroleum refining

External Steam Assisted Flare Tip SA Model

High pressure steam must be available

High alloy material construction in the heat affected zone prevents induction tubes, rings, and spargers from warping and cracking

Primary or secondary steam injection through:

  • Peripheral ring (SA Model)
  • Center sparger (SA & SAI Models)
  • Internal induction tubes (SAI Model)
  • Flame Retention Ring to stabilize combustion

Low noise design with the use of external noise muffler (SAI Model)

Internal Steam Assisted Flare Tip SAI Model
  • Dimensions: Length: 10’- 0” (3m)
    • Diameter: 4” - 84” (0.1-2.13m)
  • Materials: Upper Section: 304, 316, 310 SS, Incolloy 800H (options)
    • Lower Section: Carbon Steel
    • Retention Ring: 304, 316, 310 SS
    • Dynamic seal: 304 SS
    • Steam ring: 321 SS
    • Center sparger: 321 SS
    • Internal induction tubes: 304, 316, 310 SS

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