- Mobile Straw Heating Plant: 100 - 5,000 kW



With a Linka mobile plant you are ensured a turnkey heating plant, built in a large standard or custom container. A straw shredder and conveyor are installed outside the main container, along with a custom ash container and chimney. All of which are connected to the mobile plant’s main container. The main container is built in three sizes, depending on boiler size. It consists of a floor made of chequer plates, four sides in trapezoidal profiled sheets and a roof. The container is insulated with 100 mm insulation material and coated with galvanized perforated sheets. A single door is found in one end, and a double door in the other. The plant is assembled at Linka with all necessary equipment, plumbing and electrical wiring. It is ready for commissioning when it arrives on site. The plant is usually in operation three days upon arrival.

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