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  • Application Status Of Metal Honeycomb Panel (II)

    Application Status Of Metal Honeycomb Panel (II)

    Honeycomb metal panel also has the following applications:(6) Energy. (a) Energy storage: metal honeycomb has excellent light absorption performance. Solar panels with honeycomb structure can be manufactured by using the light absorption property of honeycomb. In the heat collecting panel, the heat insulating layer adopts honeycomb sandwich structure. Honeycomb core can use paper honeycomb with ...


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  • Calibrated Double Solar Cell

    Calibrated Double Solar Cell

    The cables used have the outer diameter between 4,5mm to 10mm, since these are the minimum and the maximum adjustment range admitted by the cable glands, in order to ensure the box IP value. The cable type must be "for outdoors", shielded, 1 kv and UV protected. The cable section admitted by the connection terminals is within the range of 0.22 and 1.5 mm2. This device fulfills the CE marking ...


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  • Vietnam Solar Market and Technology Forum 2019

    Vietnam Solar Market and Technology Forum 2019

    Co-located with the 2nd Vietnam Power Development Summit 2019, it is a 2 days forum focusing on Vietnam's solar energy market and the latest technological advancements in pv cells, module, inverter, power system, big date, IOT, asset management and production optimization. Emerging sectors such as floating solar, roof top solar and C&I solar markets will also be discussed. Gathering policy ...