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River Hydropower equipment for Hydro Energy

  • Hydropower

    Hydro power harnesses the energy present in the movement of water, and is by far the leading renewable energy source in the EU. According to the sector association Eurelectric, hydro power accounted for approximately 16 per cent of the EU's electricity generation and about 54 per cent of total renewable electricity generation in 2013.

    By Vattenfall AB based in Solna, SWEDEN.

  • Hydrokinetic Power Plant

    Hydrokinetic power plants are designed to be installed on rivers. The water current drives the turbines and the turbines produce electricity. Using such types of plant does not require the accumulation of water. The proposed model can give the power of 30 kWh. Power plants can be installed individually or in groups, thus increasing the power of ...

    By H.Cegielski - Poznań S.A. based in Poznań, POLAND. from Renewable Energy Systems Product line

  • EFiCELL - Model G4 - Pre-Filters

    EFiCELL Pre-Filters are designed to ensure high capacity filtration when available space is limited or processed air flow is high.The Snap-On design allows operation in combination with EFiCELL or MAGNUM final filters.EFiCELL pre-filters have been developed specifically for demanding processes, adverse environmental conditions and extreme volume ...

    By Eagle Filters Ltd. based in Kotka, FINLAND. from Gas Turbine Air Inlet Filters Product line

  • Idénergie - River Hydro Turbine

    The river offers the best energy potential compared to other renewable sources of energy. Providing constant energy 24 hours a day, Idénergie’s river turbine can meet the electric needs of a residence by generating, at maximum capacity up to 12 kWh daily.The reliability of the turbine offers a good alternative to ...

    By Idénergie Inc. based in Montréal, QUEBEC (CANADA).

  • Atlantis - Model AS Series - Ducted Horizontal Axis Turbines

    AS series turbines are ducted horizontal axis turbines suitable for deployment with mono-directional blades in river environments and bi-directional blades in diurnal tidal locations. AS turbines feature a swept back blade design and control system to optimise turbine efficiency across flow velocity distributions. The AS140, the first of the AS ...

    By SIMEC Atlantis Energy based in Victoria, UNITED KINGDOM.

  • HydroQuest - Model 1.40 - River Turbine

    River current turbine with one level containing two turbines. Minimum water head: 2.2 m. Nominal power output: 40 kW with current flow speed of 3.1 m/s.

    By HydroQuest SAS based in Meylan, FRANCE. from River Turbine Product line

  • HydroQuest - Model 2.80 - River Turbine

    River current turbine with two levels containing two turbines each.  Minimum water head:  4.2 m. Nominal power output: 80 kW with current flow speed of 3.1 m/s.

    By HydroQuest SAS based in Meylan, FRANCE. from River Turbine Product line

  • 2kW Turbine

    Ideal for use in a canals/rivers/existing Hydro Power Project (HPP) or for new micro power plants.Depth requirement of at least 2m.Velocity requirement of 1.2m/s to 4.2m/s

    By Kirloskar Integrated Technologies Limited based in Kothrud, INDIA. from Tidal & Marine Product line

  • Ampair Energy - Underwater Hydropower Generator

    For fast moving rivers and streams where this propeller generator can be mounted in flowing body of water. 100 Watt output at 4 Meters/sec flow. This unit has been in use for 20 years around the world on sailboats and ships for on-board power. Available in 12/24 or 48 Volts DC. Oil filled housing has triple seals for extra long life. Includes ...

    By Brownell Micro Hydro based in Lansing, NEW YORK (USA). from Micro Hydro Generators Product line

  • Kaplan Hydro Turbines

    Alstom's Kaplan turbines in operation cover low head applications ranging from about 15 to 50 meters, and outputs up to 130 MW.Compared to Bulbs, their vertical configuration allows larger runner diameters (above 10 m) permitting to increase the unit power and thus minimising the number of units.Kaplan turbines have the same challenge as Bulb ...

    By Alstom based in Saint-Ouen, FRANCE. from Hydro Turbines Product line

  • Kaplan Hydro Turbines

    1913 the Austrian engineer Viktor Kaplan developed the Kaplan turbine, according to the basics of the Francis turbine. This turbine is excellent for small fall heights (from 1 to 15 metres) and for big water flow rates. A typical application example are the river hydraulic power stations.

    By Tschurtschenthaler Turbinenbau based in Sesto (BZ), ITALY.

  • Siphon Turbine

    Siphon turbines cover the range of very low heads (from 1 to 3.5 meters). The concept developed by Mhylab aims to equip existing dams on high-discharge rivers. The turbines are primed by creating a vacuum in the upper part of the conduit. To stop the turbine it is sufficient to open a flap that allows air to enter the machine. This simple and ...

    By Mhylab - Mini-hydraulics laboratory based in Montcherand, SWITZERLAND.

  • Leviathan - Underwater Turbines

    Pioneer Valley Renewables LLC uses two complementary patents to make improvements in the effectiveness of underwater turbines of 50-300%, depending on the size. The market is for what is called hydrokinetic power, which includes both rivers and tides. The technology has already been confirmed theoretically by US Navy engineers and in practice in ...

    By Leviathan Energy LLC. based in Los Angeles, CALIFORNIA (USA).

  • Turbulent - Hydropower Plants

    We develop efficient hydropower plants for rivers and canals with a low height difference (between 1.5 - 3.5m), thanks to new technology based on the vortex principle. We generate electricity using an individual turbine or a network of multiple turbines, all designed for durability and low maintenance.

    By Turbulent based in Hasselt, BELGIUM.

  • Titanium Heat Exchanger Units

    Historically, lube and transformer oil coolers have all been manufactured with aluminium brass or 90/10 copper-nickel (also known as Cupronickel) roller expanded into brass tube plates. Tube failures were and still are commonplace, especially after a few years of service. These failures could end-up polluting the river or estuary that is supplying ...

    By Sterling Thermal Technology Limited based in Aylesbury, UNITED KINGDOM.

  • GE - Medium and Large Hydro Generators

    High reliability and the highest outputs available worldwide. GE's medium and large hydro generators are designed for run-of-river and high head hydropower plants. Our knowledge and experience in Hydropower allows our GE team to match customers with the best technology for their site.

    By GE Renewable Energy based in Paris, FRANCE. from Large Hydro Generators Product line

  • Global Hydro - Francis Turbine

    Francis turbines are the most common type of turbines since they are flexible and can be used in the most varied settings. James B. Francis developed this turbinetype in 1849 and named it after himself. Francis turbines are used for medium net heads and flow rates.

    By Global Hydro Energy GmbH based in Niederranna, AUSTRIA.

  • JSC ELEM - Hydro Plants

    The water energy presents one of the first energies used by the humans in its history. Since the 4th century before Christ has started the utilization of the water energy in purpose of moving the mill wheel, and later with the progress of the science and the technique, starts the construction of the first hydro power plants (year 1882, on the ...

    By JSC ELEM (Macedonian power plants) based in Skopje, MACEDONIA.

  • EGP - Hydroelectric Power Services

    The generation of hydroelectric energy occupies the first place at a global level. In Europe the hydroelectric potential is now being entirely utilised. This is why, Enel Green Power is now concentrating on run-of-river hydro power, a type of system that, despite having a limited unit power, can give a significant contribution to the demand of ...

    By Enel Green Power SpA based in Rome, ITALY.

  • Alstom - Medium and Large Hydro Generators

    All of our medium and large hydro generators (> 50 MVA) feature oblique elements. This mechanical design principle allows perfect concentricity and circularity of all generator components under any operating condition. Furthermore, it reduces the thermo-mechanical stresses on the generator structure, which contributes to an improved reliability ...

    By Alstom based in Saint-Ouen, FRANCE. from Renewables - Hydropower Product line

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