Thin-Film Solar equipment in China

  • Thin-Film Solar Modules

    The comprehensive product portfolio for manufacturing thin-film solar modules from Manz sets international standards for increased efficiency while lowering production costs. In contrast to crystalline solar technology, in thin-film solar technology the semiconductor is deposited on a glass substrate. This technology is named for the fact that the ...

    By Manz AG Office in Huaian City Development Zone, CHINA. from Solar Product line

  • Model CIGS - BIPV Thin-Film Solar Modules

    Manz has decades of experience in the manufacture and installation of CIGS thin-film solar modules (CIGS = Copper Indium Gallium Diselenide). With this knowledge, we support you in your BIPV projects and together with our partners offer not only the right thin-film solar modules, but also complete, individually tailored system solutions.

    By Manz AG Office in Huaian City Development Zone, CHINA. from Solar Product line

  • thin film amorphous silicon solar panels - Model 3.5V 286mA 1W - Mini solar panels 3.5V 286mA 1W

    Mini solar panels 3.5V 286mA 1W High Efficiency Miniature Solar Cell,for use with 3V motors and other small load applications.Can be combined in series or parallel arrangements for increased voltage or current.Ideal for use with dc motors or other 3V loads.CELL TYPE: Crystalline SiliconCELL NUMBER: 7CellsOPERATING TEMP: -20℃ ~ +60℃DIMENSION: 60mm ...

  • QS Solar - Single Glass 100W Amorphous Thin-Film Module

    40% lighter(only 15.25kg per module and 9.9kg/m2) than regular glass/glass thin film panels. Perfect for rooftop (esp.rooftop with weight restrictions)and BIPV/BAPV projects.The reinforced back structure offers the same resistance as regular modules. Delivers 100 Watts at standard test conditions.

    By QS Solar based in Shanghai, CHINA.

  • Model M-GES101 E092/M-GES105E092 - Solar Panels

    Fossile energy resources are limited – but locally produced renewables are the future. Choosing Manz means selecting a strong and reliable partner. Choosing the CIGSfab means selecting a mature business model for your investment.

    By Manz AG Office in Huaian City Development Zone, CHINA. from Solar Product line

  • Mono-crystalline Cell

    Imported cleaning equipment is used to keeping the appearance of the solar cell tidy and clean. And the advanced proliferation technology is adopted to ensure the conversion efficiency uniformity throughout cell; Advanced PECVD film forming technology is used to coat the cells with dark blue silicon nitride antireflection coatings with uniform ...

  • SUNGEN - Model SG-HN-GG Series - Amorphous Silicon Solar Modules

    The SUNGEN SG-HN-GG Series module is a thin film solar module with amorphous silicon (a-Si) solar devices monolithically integrated.

    By SUNGEN International Limited based in Kwai Chung, CHINA.

  • Power Plant Solar Module

    It can also be called Off Grid solar module. For the users of off grid solar module, the main consideration is cost $/Wp and is not constrained by required space. The cumulated electricity generation of off grid solar cell is more important than module efficiency itself. Thin film solar module with cost advantage and low-light sensitivity is ...

    By Kenmos PV based in Tainan, CHINA.

  • Portable Solar Power Supplier

    For more info of this item please check our website: www.solarproductsworld.comNowadays, there is increasing demand for portable energy. It often happens that there is no grid electricity available not only when a mobile telephone, laptop GPS or mp3 needs to be charged but also for remote applications as the power for lighting, small ...

    By Newsolar International Ltd. based in Shenzhen, CHINA.

  • Model RS-018 - Poly Silicon Solar Cell

    Format 156mm×156mm±0.5mm Thickness 220µm±30µm,200µm±30µm. High efficiency in photovoltaic conversion16.3%-17.5%. Low inverse current, high shunt resistance and high dependability.Front side covered by dark blue silicon nitride anti-reflection film with good passivation, in homogenous color and ...

    By Jiangxi Risun Solar Energy Co., Ltd based in Xinyu, CHINA.

  • Building Attached Photovoltaics (BAPV)

    BAPV is your best choice if you wish to ensure that your company maximizes its profit and social impacts, as the system can provide to you long-term financial benefits from solar power generation while keeping the existing buildings intact. Hanergy boasts years of R&D and production of light-weight and environment-friendly thin-film ...

    By Hanergy Holding Group based in Beijing, CHINA.

  • Single-Phase Grid-Connected Inverter

    Single-phase grid-connected inverter; Small-scale solar system for domestic and industrial applications; Power rating from 1kW to 10kW.

  • Building Integrated Photovoltaics (BIPV)

    The increasing demands for a comfortable environment have caused larger energy consumption from heating and air conditioning of the buildings and triggered a public call for carbon reduction. Through integrating solar power generation products to flat and slanted roof-tops, curtain walls and ceilings, BIPV can bring to you green office and ...

    By Hanergy Holding Group based in Beijing, CHINA.

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