The national and international energy industry is Deenma’s main activity area. These are Deenma’s business lines: Fossil energies: Combined-cycle termal power plants and Peaker plants. Renewable energies: Wind power, Biomass, Waste valuation, Ash inertization, Hydraulic power, Thermo-solar power, Photovoltaic solar power, Solar termal power, Wave power. Flexible mechanisms, - Energetic efficiency. Deenma has specialized in the following services for the aforementioned sectors:

Site Pre-analysis

Deenma has all the necessary means to evaluate potential sites taking into account variables such as associated energy resource, environmental protection areas, network connection capacity, refrigeration systems, associated infrastructures, social acknowledgement, etc. Everything is contemplated in legal regulations.

Project promotion and implantation in new markets

Deenma develops free promotion of self projects once technical, economical and environmental viability has been confirmed for each one. In addition, it helps future investors to present their projects to the relevant organizations, financial entities and insurance companies.

Preparing selection processes and auctions for project attribution

Based on the experience earned from already finished procedures particularly in the wind, thermo-solar and hydraulic sectors, Deenma is able to offer support to a future investor when it comes to preparing and presenting projects for selection processes. The company takes care of everything that is related to administrative preparation, viability analysis and associated technical documentation.

Managing licenses for energy project processing

Deenma carries out an integral project management, so it is in charge of obtaining all the necessary licenses to build a plant and operate it properly.

Deenma is widely experienced in dealing with licenses, the relevant administration and the current legislation.

License management for projects involves the following sectors:

  • Legal, administrative, environmental and urban development sectors: wide experience in both the conventional free promotion procedure and the selection processes regulated by the relevant administration.
  • Technical experience to edit and monitor documents and inherent technical processes including MDL and AC ones when applicable.
  • Advice on equipment purchase, building and commercial exploitation contracts.
  • Collaboration in management and relations with the public administration.
  • Analysis of the project’s economic profitability.
  • Management and advice for distribution company interconnection.

Advice for Asset Exchanging

Energy assets buying and selling takes place nowadays in the market. This implies technical evaluations that may be imposed by holders, purchasers, financial entities and insurance companies in which Deenma can offer the following services:

  • Legal and technical due diligence.
  • Environmental due diligence.
  • Operative due diligence.
  • Audit for CAP signing.
  • Audit for CAD signing.

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