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O&M for Commercial Solar Energy


Solar energy now and for years to come. Your Blue Oak photovoltaic systems (PV solar) is extremely low maintenance compared to traditional energy generation. Studies indicate that your system will produce more than 12% additional energy when a rigorous operations and maintenance program is followed. Our experience designing, installing, commissioning, and troubleshooting photovoltaic systems across North America makes Blue Oak Energy the first choice for ongoing solar O&M services.

Blue Oak Energy offers two levels of operations and maintenance service, with varying levels of system management. The most basic level includes one solar array cleaning and comprehensive system inspection per year. At the highest service level, you can install and forget - your system is entirely in our hands and under our attentive care.

  • If your PV system stops working or is limping along, how will you know? At our highest level of O&M services, we guarantee an emergency response time to the site to get it operating optimally as fast as possible.
  • Daily Solar Energy Monitoring

Your photovoltaic systems operation is transparent. You will receive an immediate notice from our operations center if any unexpected changes to solar energy production occur. Our monitoring center will check for daily solar energy production meets expectations.

Gold and Silver Performance Plans. Regular solar array cleaning and edge debris removal protects the photovoltaic array and ensures your return on investment. During periodic solar array cleanings, we’ve found everything from Frisbees to rocks which have covered solar cells or resulted in damaged modules. On average, regular solar array cleaning will increase annual solar energy production by five to ten percent.

Your ground-mount solar array needs to have proper vegetation management and water drainage over time to maintain optimal output. Roof-mount solar arrays require periodic inspection of the rooftop membrane and sealing around any roof penetrations. We visually inspect for anything that could adversely impact your return on investment.

Our four-point preventative maintenance testing of your inverters is conducted under the guidance of the manufacturer. Regular inverter maintenance ensures continuous operation by verifying proper cooling to the electronics and a proper weather tight seal against environmental elements.

You need to know what is happening with your investment at all times. After we visit your site and perform any activity, we deliver a report of all findings along with site pictures and any recommendations.

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