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Vireo Energy Financial

Renewable Energy Project Finance Services

Vireo Energy is a leading provider of financial and advisory products to the Renewable Energy Industry. By combining extensive industry knowledge, strong investment relationships, and creative financial structuring, we offer comprehensive solutions for our clients. We cover a variety of energy technologies, project sizes and geographical areas, matching investors and developers to find the right fit for both. We have developed close relationships with numerous Energy Funds that have allocated billions of dollars towards financing Renewable Energy projects throughout the world.

Renewable Energy Project Financing:

  • Power Purchase Agreement (PPA) Finance
  • Lease, Debt and Equity Finance
  • Performance Based Finance
  • Government Sponsored Finance
  • ESCO Finance
  • Energy Service Contract Finance
  • Solar (PV/CPV/CSP) – Rooftops or Solar fields
  • Solar CSP (Concentrated Solar Power) – Utility
  • Geothermal
  • Wind Power / Wind Farms
  • Biogas - Bioenergy - Biofuel
  • Waste to Energy - W2E
  • Methane Digesters
  • Energy Storage

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