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Power Storage equipment for Energy Storage

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    CECO AVC - Model SR-A1 - Hopper Rapper

    The Model SR-A1 Rapper, also known as the Hopper Rapper, is our most universally applicable rapper. Delivers 0-25 pounds of impact force at any mounting angle, even upside down. The Model SR-A1 comes with a 6' square flange mount or a 2' diameter tapered mount.

    By CECO Environmental based in Dallas, TEXAS (USA). from CECO AVC - Rapping Product line

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    Greenshine - Model Lumina Series - Solar Lighting System

    This solar outdoor lighting solution is designed to provide sufficient lighting for numerous applications, such as pathways, bicycle lanes, streets, parking lots, parks and corporate complex. With Greenshine’s exclusive power saving technology on the battery, this series can provide up to 7 days power back-up. Lumina series features a ...

    By Greenshine New Energy LLC based in Lake Forest, CALIFORNIA (USA). from LED Solar Lighting Systems Product line

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    Greenshine - Solar Power Generator

    This Solar Power Generator is fully-integrated, with an aesthetically pleasing design for solar sign lighting, monuments, solar park lighting, solar pathway lighting, and residential communities. It uses an advanced LED fixture, which uses the most advanced LED available on the market (CREE XPG-2), with a luminaire efficiency above 90 ...

    By Greenshine New Energy LLC based in Lake Forest, CALIFORNIA (USA). from LED Solar Lighting Systems Product line

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    Greenshine - Model GS-LL40 - Solar Led Bollard Lighting Systems

    Greenshine’s solar bollards are ideal for residential and commercial pathway applications. This bright 3W solar powered bollard features an integrated solar panel on top and 360 degree downward light disbursement. With full brightness all night, bollards provide safety and security to pathways. Solar bollards have a low install cost with ...

    By Greenshine New Energy LLC based in Lake Forest, CALIFORNIA (USA). from LED Solar Lighting Systems Product line

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    Greenshine - Model Brighta Series - Solar Street Lights

    The Brighta Series is ideal for solar park lighting, solar pathway lighting, solar parking lot lighting, and solar street lighting. The Brighta features a simple design: one CREE XPG LED fixture with a luminaire efficiency above 130 lumens per watt, plus one solar panel composed of mono-crystalline solar cells. The Brighta is an IES Type II ...

    By Greenshine New Energy LLC based in Lake Forest, CALIFORNIA (USA). from LED Solar Lighting Systems Product line

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    NivuLog SunFlow - Self-Sufficient, Solar-Powered Flow Measurement Station

    The NivuLog SunFlow is a self-sufficient, solar-powered flow measurement station independent from mains power with integrated GPRS data transmission. The discontinuous flow measurement is suited for slight to heavy polluted media in open channels, flumes as well as in part filled and full pipes. The NivuLog SunFlow is designed for flow ...

    By NIVUS GmbH based in Eppingen, GERMANY. from Flow Measurement - Polluted Media - Flow Meter Product line

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    Greenshine - Model VOLTA Series - Solar Lighting System

    Greenshine’s Volta, our stylish new solar wrapped pole, stands 20ft tall and is a Type II/Type III IES lighting type, making it ideal for solar parking lot lighting, solar street lighting, solar pathway lighting, and solar park lighting projects since it seamlessly blends in with the environment. It produces a circular distribution of light ...

    By Greenshine New Energy LLC based in Lake Forest, CALIFORNIA (USA). from LED Solar Lighting Systems Product line

  • Deepa - Solar LED/CFL Street Light

    Deepa's Solar Street Lighting Systems are raised light sources which are innovatively integrated with power generation, storage and maintenance system, CFL / LED lamp, battery, control electronics, Solar Photo Voltaic Module, Mounting structure and associated hardware. This integrated system is a modern lighting system for illumination of streets, ...

    By Deepa Solar Systems Pvt. Ltd. based in Bangalore, INDIA.

  • Portable Solar Generator 1800W

    GE Home Energy specializes in designing and manufacturing customized portable solar generators, emergency solar power generators for remote area, hiking, camping, photography, military and devices like laptops, etc. Portable solar generator is small in size, light weight, and our world leading state of the art technology can harvest up to 38% of ...

    By Genesis Equity Technology Limited based in Hong Kong, CHINA.

  • Solar Home Lighting System

    Our solar home lighting systems are very light in weight & compact, thus making it enough easy in carrying. These systems are MNES/SEC approved models which comes under 37wp and 75 wp.

    By Krishna Solar House based in Patna, INDIA.

  • Sun Solar Techno - Solar Street Lighting System

    This system is designed for outdoor application. This system is an ideal application for Village Street Lighting, City Roads, Highways, Residential Campuses, Industrial & Warehousing Complexes, Township Campuses and even satisfies ones individual needs. The system is provided with battery storage backup sufficient to operate light for 10-11 hours ...

    By Sun Solar Techno Limited. based in Mumbai, INDIA.

  • Solar Boost - Model 3024iL & 3024DiL - Advanced Fully Automatic 3-Stage Charge Control System

    Patented Maximum Power Point Tracking technology allows Solar Boost 3024iL to increase charge current up to 30% or more compared to conventional charge controllers. Don’t waste your money by throwing PV power away!. Solar Boost 3024iL’s advanced fully automatic 3-stage charge control system will properly charge flooded lead-acid, AGM ...

    By Blue Sky Energy Inc. based in Vista, CALIFORNIA (USA).

  • Walther - Electric Vehicle Charge Station

    We offer the most extensive range of products on the market for electromobility - charging solutions for the public, semi-public and private sectors for all current and future electric vehicles. Any multi-storey car park or corporate parking area can be equipped with our charging stations, as can the garage at home, with a modern wall box. All ...

    By Walther Electric, Inc. based in Somerset, NEW JERSEY (USA).

  • OPT - Model PowerBuoy - Wave-Energy Technology

    OPT's proprietary PowerBuoy® technology is based on a modular and scalable design and has undergone and continues to undergo periodic full-scale ocean performance validation. OPT specializes in advanced, cost-effective, and environmentally-sound ocean-wave-based power generation and management technology. OPT's PowerBuoy system integrates ...

    By Ocean Power Technologies, Inc based in Pennington, NEW JERSEY (USA).

  • Hydro Turbine with Charge Control for Battery Charging

    This is the basic control package for charging 12, 24, of 48 volt batteries in an off-grid power system. This includes the hydro turbine midnight classic charge control, disconnects, 3 phase rectifier, over current protection and lightning arrestor. Shipped prewired and mounted on a 24″ x 24″ backboard.

    By Scott Hydroelectric based in WASHINGTON (USA).

  • Thermal Energy Storage Tank (TES)

    Fisher Tank Company provides engineering, fabrication and construction for field erected welded steel Thermal Energy Storage tanks. We provide TES tanks with custom fabricated internal diffuser systems for a variety of applications, from chilled water storage for large data centers to storage tanks for combined heat and power (CHP) facilties. ...

    By Fisher Tank Company based in Chester, PENNSYLVANIA (USA).

  • SmartPanels - Solar Panels

    The SmartPanel WILL outperform ANY solar panel with the same surface area GAURANTEED. The SmartPanel has the controller built in. Just connect to the battery and done. No separate controller or wiring needed, that simple or smart... More, yes! There is an onboard jumper on the back, from the manufacturer the SmartPanel is set for lead-acid charge ...

    By DEHD Energy based in Chelsea, MICHIGAN (USA).

  • Urban Solar - Model Bollard Series - lighting System

    Urban Solar’s bollard lighting system is a low-profile pathway illumination option ideal for urban parks. Bollard lights are an excellent option for open green spaces that require reliable illumination for pathways and trails, but where pole-mounted lights might not be appropriate. Installed in series, each bollard light draws energy from a ...

    By Urban Solar based in Beaverton, OREGON (USA).

  • Aquion - Large Scale Energy Storage Battery Systems

    Our technology is based on a simple idea: In order to meet the challenges of the world’s growing energy needs and increase the use of renewable power, we need large-scale energy storage systems that are high performance, safe, sustainable and cost-effective. Our founder, Professor Jay Whitacre, set out to solve this problem and discovered a ...

    By Aquion Energy, Inc based in Pittsburgh, PENNSYLVANIA (USA).

  • Model PC1000-LCD - Inverter with Solar Regulator

    The PC combi inverter series unify the P inverters and the PSR solar charge controllers in one unit. This would bring the benefit of less system components, less connections and less overall costs to you.

    By Panelectron Ltd. based in Budapest , HUNGARY.

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