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Flares equipment for Energy Management

  • Biogasmart - Model EMR - Advanced - Flare Stack

    EMR-Advanced flare is a safety device typically installed in biomass plants where there are no specific restrictions relevant to fumes exhaust height, minimum combustion temperature, and a partially visible flame is accepted. All the equipment is fitted on-board, contained in a stainless steel frame which simple design and small footprint allow ...

    By Biogasmart based in Gadesco Pieve Delmona, ITALY. from Advanced - Flare Stack Product line

  • BORSIG - Propylene Recovery Unit

    During the production of polypropylene (PP) one typical process step is the degassing of PP resin in the resin bin in order to purge out non-reacted propylene monomer. Typically nitrogen is used and continuous purge streams containing substantial content of monomer have to process to minimise the loss of profit and the required flare gas ...

    By BORSIG Membrane Technology GmbH based in Gladbeck, GERMANY. from Propylene Recovery Unit Product line

  • UOP Callidus - Upper Steam Flares

    Upper steam flare tips incorporate a high-stability pilot and a flame retention system. With a high efficiency, low noise steam injection ring, the flare tip provides smokeless burning with lower noise than traditional steam injection systems. The upper steam injection is mechanically superior in design while providing greater flow at lower steam ...

    By Callidus Technologies - part of UOP, a Honeywell Company based in Tulsa, OKLAHOMA (USA). from Upper Steam Flares Product line

  • UOP Callidus - Inner Steam Flares

    The internal steam flare and the internal steam super sonic flare represent significant improvements over traditional internal steam designs.

    By Callidus Technologies - part of UOP, a Honeywell Company based in Tulsa, OKLAHOMA (USA). from Inner Steam Flares Product line

  • UOP Callidus - Multipoint Flares

    Multipoint flares give you the benefit of unlimited smokeless capacity and the lowest possible radiation. Reduction in thermal radiation levels of 60% or greater are often achieved. Callidus’ Multipoint flares are in service both onshore and offshore, with smokeless capacities up to 3,500,000 lbs/hr.

    By Callidus Technologies - part of UOP, a Honeywell Company based in Tulsa, OKLAHOMA (USA). from Multipoint Flares Product line

  • Aipu Solids control - Model AFI - Aipu Flare igniter for sale

    AFI series ignition device is an environment-friendly electric device for igniting gasdischarged from Mud gas separator. 1. Easy to operate and maintain 2. Competitive price give you high cost-efficient solution

  • Model LHC - Flare Systems

    The LHC (Low Heat Content) Range flare is designed specifically to address the problem of combusting gases with low calorific values, or heat contents. The optimisation of combustion control techniques ensures that heat loss is minimised, whilst air and gas mixing is maintained at a very high level. In normal landfill gas flares, for example, the ...

    By Organics Group plc based in Coventry, UNITED KINGDOM. from Flare Systems Product line

  • AKTEK - Model TP1100M - 8391B - Waste Gas Burner - Candlestick, Auto/Manual Ignition

    The AKTEK Model 8391B Waste Gas Burner includes an ignition system with all of the best features available in a waste gas burner. The burner wind shield contains the unique 'downdraft prevention' with a bevel design which virtually eliminates the possibility of the flame being blown out. The design also provides the proper air/fuel mixture to ...

  • NOXmatic - Automatic Gas Flare

    Our core business is the most up-to-date quality gas flare technology for a safe, efficient and environmentally friendly combustion of gases from landfill, bio and sewage gas systems. Our fully automatic flare NOXmatic with its extensive range of accessories can be suited for every low and medium temperature combustion application. With various ...

    By ennox biogas technology GmbH based in Hard, AUSTRIA. from Automatic Gas Flare Product line

  • Smitsvonk - Pilot Burner

    Ignition of waste gas from pipe flares, air and steam assisted flares and ground flares For most flare systems the pilot burner can not be accessed for service. Maintenance or replacement is not possible while the flare is in operation.To safeguard operation, Smitsvonk's pilots provide reliable ignition and stable burning even under the most ...

    By Smitsvonk Holland B.V. A member of Durag Group based in Zoetermeer, NETHERLANDS. from Pilot Burner Product line

  • Flares With Integrated Heat Recovery System

    The task of flares is the environmentally sound combustion of excess gases. The operational circumstances often put limitations to the utilization of the energy released. It is desirable to use this excess energy in order to avoid the negative image of 'energy destruction'.

    By C-deg environmental engineering GmbH based in Kiel, GERMANY.

  • C-nox - Model HTV Support - High-Temperature Flares

    High-Temperature Flares for environmentally compatible combustion, lean gases require added support gas, such as natural gas or propane. Here again, the controlled gas/air ratio ensures the required combustion temperature of >1000 °C inside the combustion chamber. As a variation from the standard technology, in this flare type the required ...

    By C-nox GmbH & Co. KG based in Neumünster, GERMANY. from High-Temperature Flares Product line

  • C-nox - Model HTV Basic - High-Temperature Flares

    The controlled gas/air ratio in the combustion chamber ensures that a temperature of >1000 °C is always maintained in the combustion chamber. The flow rate in and the geometry of the combustion chamber ensure a minimum gas dwell time. During this time, any residual oxidizable compounds are oxidized as required in the German technical ...

    By C-nox GmbH & Co. KG based in Neumünster, GERMANY. from High-Temperature Flares Product line

  • Loading Terminal Flares

    MRW terminal flares and vapor control systems meet US EPA Maximum Achievable Control Technology (MACT) and Best Demonstrated Technology (BDT) for VOC and vapor control. All of our terminal flare systems meet the requirements for 40 CFR 60.18. MRW Marine Terminal vapor control systems are approved by the US Coast Guard and are guaranteed to comply ...

    By MRW Technologies, Inc. based in Glenpool, OKLAHOMA (USA).

  • Model 244W - Waste Gas Burner & Ignition System

    The Varec 244W Series is a highly reliable flare and ignition system. It utilizes a patented pilot ignition system that mixes pilot gas and air at ground level to provide a robust, high temperature pilot. The pilot is ignited away from the flare stack. This reduces wear and tear and allows routine maintenance to be carried out without exposing the ...

    By Varec Biogas based in Huntington Beach, CALIFORNIA (USA). from Waste Gas Burner & Ignition System Product line

  • Standard Ground Flare Burner Systems

    The standard burner is normally used on applications where flame retention time and temperature are not so critical. Typically on this type of burner the size remains constant and quantity increases depending on the gas flow rates.

    By Flare Products Limited based in Stewartby, UNITED KINGDOM. from Standard Ground Flare Burner Systems Product line

  • Model Lo-Cal - High Temperature Flares

    The High Temperature (HT) Lo-Cal  range of flares offers an optimum solution for safe and efficient degassing of old landfill sites or sites with low quality gas. The innovative Lo-Cal HT flare is designed to provide greater gas control during the latter phases of a landfill site, or gas with a low methane concentration. The Lo-Cal HT flare ...

    By Biogas Systems based in Adelaide, AUSTRALIA.

  • Hofstetter - Model HTF - High Temperature Flare

    The uncompromising solution for the environmentally friendly disposal of contaminated waste gases, The high temperature flare (HTF) disposes of contaminated gases and air using an efficient combustion process and in compliance with the latest regulations.

    By Hofstetter Gastechnik AG based in Hindelbank, SWITZERLAND.

  • Flare Systems

    The flare systems are useable for flaring gases like sweet natural gas, sour natural gas and other. These flare systems are also useable as vent systems, for venting gases like nitrogen.

    By Bakker Oilfield Supply Coevorden B.V. based in Coevorden, NETHERLANDS. from Flare Systems Product line

  • Geothermal Flares

    By flaring methane containing gasses, for example from geothermal projects, landfill sites and waste water treatment plants, large quantities of methane will not be released into the atmosphere. Methane is most harmful to the environment and increases the greenhouse effect.

    By Gastreatment Services (GTS) based in Bergambacht, NETHERLANDS.

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