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Flares equipment for Energy Management

  • Flares With Integrated Heat Recovery System

    The task of flares is the environmentally sound combustion of excess gases. The operational circumstances often put limitations to the utilization of the energy released. It is desirable to use this excess energy in order to avoid the negative image of 'energy destruction'.

    By C-deg environmental engineering GmbH based in Kiel, GERMANY.

  • Flare Systems

    The flare systems are useable for flaring gases like sweet natural gas, sour natural gas and other. These flare systems are also useable as vent systems, for venting gases like nitrogen.

    By Bakker Oilfield Supply Coevorden B.V. based in Coevorden, NETHERLANDS. from Geothermal Equipment Product line

  • C-nox - Model HTV Basic - High-Temperature Flares

    The controlled gas/air ratio in the combustion chamber ensures that a temperature of >1000 °C is always maintained in the combustion chamber. The flow rate in and the geometry of the combustion chamber ensure a minimum gas dwell time. During this time, any residual oxidizable compounds are oxidized as required in the German technical ...

    By C-nox GmbH & Co. KG based in Neumünster, GERMANY. from High-Temperature Flares Product line

  • C-nox - Fire Box

    Conventional heat exchangers can only be used within limitations on account of their material properties at high temperatures. For this reason, only a small part of the heat from the flame can be used for the pre-heating of the raw gas. The patented recuperative combustion chamber from C-nox (patent no.: 10 2012 023 257) improves the heat recovery ...

    By C-nox GmbH & Co. KG based in Neumünster, GERMANY. from High-Temperature Flares Product line

  • C-nox - Model HTV Support - High-Temperature Flares

    High-Temperature Flares for environmentally compatible combustion, lean gases require added support gas, such as natural gas or propane. Here again, the controlled gas/air ratio ensures the required combustion temperature of >1000 °C inside the combustion chamber. As a variation from the standard technology, in this flare type the required ...

    By C-nox GmbH & Co. KG based in Neumünster, GERMANY. from High-Temperature Flares Product line

  • Compact Budget Flare

    CRA pioneers in the designing and manufacturing of affordable and budget Compact Flares. Our Compact Flares stand out because they are highly efficient and have an integrated structure inclusive of accessories.Compact flares are budget packaged flares that offer capacities upto 60 M3/Hr (approx. 2000 M3/ day).Because of their pre-piped, pre-wired ...

    By Combustion Research Associates based in Noida (New Delhi-NCR), INDIA.

  • Conveco - Static Biogas Flare Combustion

    Static biogas flare combustion is indicated when reclaiming old landfills or to ensure the safety of new landfill where biogas production capacity is limited because of low waste disposal levels of and where electricity is not for to drive various items of equipment.

    By Conveco S.r.l. based in Brescia, ITALY.

  • Control Systems

    State-of-the-art control systems with or without customer HMI touch screens. Parnel Biogas systems require many different types of controls and control interfaces. Controls are for:  ignition, monitoring of flare system operation, control of fluid levels in the knockout drum, gas and combustion air blowers, flame and flash-back detection, ...

    By Parnel Biogas, Inc. based in Tulsa, OKLAHOMA (USA).

  • CPI - Thermal Combustor System

    Catalytic Products International is continuing our 43-year history of providing innovative air pollution control solutions with a line of highly flexible, economical EPA qualified, vaporcombustion systems. CPI’s Thermal Combustor Systems (TCS) routinely exceed all worldwide regulatory

    By Catalytic Products International (CPI) based in Lake Zurich, ILLINOIS (USA). from Other Product line

  • Model Lo-Cal - High Temperature Flares

    The High Temperature (HT) Lo-Cal  range of flares offers an optimum solution for safe and efficient degassing of old landfill sites or sites with low quality gas. The innovative Lo-Cal HT flare is designed to provide greater gas control during the latter phases of a landfill site, or gas with a low methane concentration. The Lo-Cal HT flare ...

    By Biogas Systems based in Adelaide, AUSTRALIA.

  • BORSIG - Propylene Recovery Unit

    During the production of polypropylene (PP) one typical process step is the degassing of PP resin in the resin bin in order to purge out non-reacted propylene monomer. Typically nitrogen is used and continuous purge streams containing substantial content of monomer have to process to minimise the loss of profit and the required flare gas ...

    By BORSIG Membrane Technology GmbH based in Gladbeck, GERMANY. from Membrane Units for Product Recovery Product line

  • Model AC - Flare Systems

    The AC range of flare stacks is designed to offer a degree of control over the combustion process in an elevated flame burner. The burner tip design is based upon the principle of pre-aerated combustion giving the option of a short sharp, non-luminous flame, as opposed to the yellow-tipped long lazy flame typical of diffusion burners.

    By Organics Group plc based in Coventry, UNITED KINGDOM. from Flare Systems Product line

  • Surespark - Model LO-2 - Ignition Systems

    One of our most popular Ignition systems for Flare and Gas only fuel applications – Optimized 2 spark-per-second (SPS) performance for exceptionally long life!

    By Chentronics based in Norwich, NEW YORK (USA). from Surespark Exciter Product line

  • Enclosed Gas Flares

    HiTemp Technology has developed a system that mixes the methane stream with sufficient combustion air to maintain a consistent temperature that assures maximum destruction of any methane present in the exhaust gas. A standard system includes: Waste gas burner, flame arrestor, combustion air blower (VFD), waste gas ID blower (VFD), water separation ...

    By HiTemp Technology Corporation based in Ringoes, NEW JERSEY (USA).

  • Hofstetter - Model HTF - High Temperature Flare

    The uncompromising solution for the environmentally friendly disposal of contaminated waste gases, The high temperature flare (HTF) disposes of contaminated gases and air using an efficient combustion process and in compliance with the latest regulations.

    By Hofstetter Gastechnik AG based in Hindelbank, SWITZERLAND.

  • AKTEK - Model TP1100M - 8391B - Waste Gas Burner - Candlestick, Auto/Manual Ignition

    The AKTEK Model 8391B Waste Gas Burner includes an ignition system with all of the best features available in a waste gas burner. The burner wind shield contains the unique 'downdraft prevention' with a bevel design which virtually eliminates the possibility of the flame being blown out. The design also provides the proper air/fuel mixture to ...

    By Aktek Technology Engineering Co. Ltd. based in Kullar, TURKEY. from Waste Gas Bruners/Flares Product line

  • John Zink - Clean Flare Systems

    Solving complex problems for global industries is nothing new for John Zink. Over the years, we’ve led the advancement of flare design and clean flare technologies for upstream, downstream, and biogas flare industries, transforming yesterday’s fired equipment into sophisticated, low-emissions systems.

    By John Zink Company, LLC based in Tulsa, OKLAHOMA (USA). from Refining Product line

  • Phoenix - Model Series C - Containerized Combined Heat and Power (CHP) System

    Containerized combined heat and power (CHP) System for exterior applications: Fuel: Multi fuel compatible including POLs, methane, propane, flare gas, natural gas, ethanol and methanol. Fuel Consumption: 500,000 BTU/hr to 2,000,000 BTU/hr. Power: 10kW to 20kW of electricity, 480-3 phase, 4-wire,  grid tie compatible. Heat: 300,000 BTU to ...

    By Phoenix Power Group LLC based in Cordova, TENNESSEE (USA).

  • Biogasmart - Model HTS - High Temperature Flare Stack

    HT-S Type are high-performance enclosed ground flare stacks where biogas combustion temperature, flame retention time and destruction efficiency are the results to be achieved. Combustion occurs inside the base refractory combustion chamber and is completed in the upper cylindrical chamber lined with fiberceramic, under a controlled environment.

    By Biogasmart based in Gadesco Pieve Delmona, ITALY. from Combustion Product line

  • Degasser Multi-Usable Type of Separator

    The Degasser is a multi-usable type of separator which separates oil and/or gas from high volume water flows. The gas can be retrieved and processed by flaring or re-using in other gas processing systems.

    By Bakker Oilfield Supply Coevorden B.V. based in Coevorden, NETHERLANDS. from Geothermal Equipment Product line

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